Originate is a natural building materials showroom that specializes in interior finishes that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and made from natural and renewable resources. We offer innovative and unique materials that rival the aesthetics and performance of more traditional interior finishes.

Originate was established in October of 2003 to provide a location within the City of Tucson to serve as a local and regional source of environmentally sound building materials and provide a place where people can see and experience these materials.

Hours: Tuesdays ~ Fridays 12~6, Saturdays 12~4, and by appointment

Closed: Thursday, December 24th–Monday, January 4th for the Winter Holidays.

Current News

220 SF Creative Transformation
A couple transforms an under utilized part of their historic home into a second living space: “As the construction progressed, we realized that we could afford nicer materials because we were not buying as much, due to the small, efficient space.”

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